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These financial calculators are designed as self-help tools for you to estimate answers to common financial questions. They are not intended to predict future returns or results. Investments offering the potential for higher returns also involve a higher degree of risk. Additionally, investment returns will vary over time.

Cash Flow Calculators


(In the spaces below, enter all your sources of income. Convert annual and quarterly figures to monthly numbers.)

Alimony, child support  
Dividends from investments  
Interest on savings accounts, CDs, etc.  
Social Security benefits  
Retirement plan/pension income  
Other income  


(Enter the anticipated amounts of your expenditures. Convert annual and quarterly figures to monthly figures.)

Mortgage payment or rent  
Entertainment, recreation, and dining  
Medical (not covered by insurance)  
Loan payments (auto, student, etc.)  
Auto (gas, maintenance, etc.)  
Credit card payment  
Dues and subscriptions  
Home improvement  
Charitable contributions  
Federal taxes  
State taxes  
FICA (Social Security)  
Other taxes  
Other expenses  


Total Income
Total Expenses
Cash Flow

College Funding Planner

How many years until your child enters college?    
For how many years will your child be attending college?    
What is the annual cost of the college he/she will be attending?
(Include tuition, fees, room and board, books, etc., using today’s prices.)
What rate of inflation do you expect for college costs?
(College inflation has continued to outpace the general inflation rate. For the past 10 years, the average college inflation rate was 5 percent. Recent years have shown a decline in college inflation.)
How much money do you presently have saved for your child’s college expenses?
(Include funds that are in your name and your child’s name that have been set aside for college.)
What after-tax return do you expect on your investments (0 to 12 percent)?
(Remember, the age of your child may influence how you invest and the potential return you may be able to achieve.)


Total cost of your child's education (in future dollars)
Amount needed to save each year to cover the costs:

Credit Card Calculator

What will it take to pay off my credit card?

Enter your credit card balance:  
Enter the credit card's interest rate:    %
Enter desired months until debt free:    


Monthly payment

Inflation Calculator

The current cost of what you want to buy:  
Years before you will buy this item:    
Enter annual inflation rate that you want to assume.
(Inflation has averaged 3% over the last 10 years)


Based on the information you entered, the future cost will be:

Life Insurance Calculator

Current income before taxes?  
What percentage of this income will your family need?    %
For how many years will your family need this income?    
What do you expect the rate of inflation to be over this time period?    %
What investment return do you expect your family to earn over this time period?    %
Enter the total of any one-time payments that your family will have.
(E.g., funeral costs, future college costs, home mortgage, and any other debts you want the insurance to pay.)


Based on the following assumptions, you need the following amount of life insurance:

Lifetime earnings calculator

Current annual income  
What percentage annual raises do you expect?    %
How old are you?    
Expected retirement age?    


Total lifetime earnings based on the above information:

Net worth calculator


Jewelry and other valuables  
Investments (stocks, bonds, CDs, real estate)  
Bank account balances  


Mortgage balance  
Automobile loans  
Bank loans  
Personal loans  
Credit card balances  
Other debts  


Total assets
Total liabilities
Net Worth

Retirement planner

Current Savings  
Current Monthly Savings  
Percentage Investment Return (NET of Tax), Up to Retirement    %
Inflation Rate    %
Current Age    
Retirement Age    
Life Expectancy    
Annual Retirement Income Goal  
Percentage of Investment Return (NET of Tax), During Retirement    %
Annual Estimated Social Security Benefit  


Projected savings with inflation needed to fund retirement
Savings needed today to meet retirement goal
Or, additional savings needed monthly to meet retirement goal


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